Virtual fitness coaching isn’t ideal

For a while, I did online fitness coaching at the body wellness center near me.

  • Due to the virus, I haven’t been able to return to work.

I needed to earn some money, so I began offering classes online. I got in touch with my regular students and did some advertising through facebook and twitter. I was surprised to fill my classes. I am making more money by working from home. The gym doesn’t require a percentage of my profits, and I don’t have to commute to work anymore. Financially it is better to continue this way even when the virus isn’t a consideration. However, I am not thrilled with teaching virtual fitness classes. I don’t have sufficient space to invite the students to come to my house for group classes. Being in-person is just so much better. I have difficulty correcting the form of students and motivating them by way of a laptop screen. I have a risky internet connection at my house that is a constant issue as well. Now and then, the internet will throw me offline. I then waste time messing with it. It interrupts the flow of the class and the students get confused as to what is going on. The biggest issue is that I have three small kids at home. The kids can’t seem to help but bust into the home gym while I am teaching a virtual class. Fortunately, my students all find it funny when my two-year old demands that I play with him. I am not thrilled with it though. I am attempting to run a professional class and I look like a mess. I think that when the gym opens back up, I should go back to teaching classes on-site. I prefer having a set facility to workout and provide access to equipment for my students.

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