New website generates leads

I started an HVAC company nearly twenty-five years ago.

Despite the high level of competition in our service area, we have been successful.

Over the last few years, we suffered a reduction in sales. The number of new customers and growth for the company were not encouraging. An entrepreneur in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry, I understand the need to keep up with evolving technology. Falling behind in our marketing strategies was worrisome. While we benefit from a loyal customer base, there is great potential for new clients. We were failing to reach newly married couples and new home buyers. I wasn’t sure why we weren’t getting any of those leads. After some research, I set up a meeting with my staff. I wanted to hear what they thought of the problem and any ideas they might have. Our younger employees provided a fresh perspective. They had ideas that our older team would never have come up with. They seemed to think we needed to hire search engine optimization services. They agreed that our website was outdated and no longer maximizing potential. Very rarely would new clients find and contact our company because of the website. Since we were not optimized for search engines, our HVAC services weren’t showing up on the first page of Google. We needed SEO to keep up with the competition. Building an online presence became our priority. I hired an SEO company to build us a new website, provide SEO services and create an effective social media presence. Our new website is much more interactive and includes engaging content. We have targeted keywords that help us to show up online. When home and business owners in our area type things like furnace repair or indoor air quality problems into the search bar, our HVAC company ranks on the first page. We’ve seen a significant increase in service calls.

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