Staying home for the holidays is what I want

But if not, we’ll meet up later.

I don’t entirely know what took me so long however I finally was able to make the call. I informed my wifey, kids, in-laws & my mom & siblings that Christmas travel was not happening for quite some time. This had nothing to do with the pandemic situation. However, the fact that I was able to stay in my own property with my own thermostat setting was a pretty serious factor. I didn’t have the complication of dealing with holiday traffic even though my vehicle has fantastic zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. But that is where the Heating & Air Conditioning comfort would end for me when finally reaching the Christmas destination. And that destination was basically always my mom’s or my in-laws’ place. They both live up north & regularly enjoy maximum use of their gas furnace. It’s essentially like celebrating Christmas fully clothed in a sweat shop at times. This has just gotten too out of control for me. And I’m done with it for a good amount of time. Not saying forever, however I’m genuinely enjoying Christmas with the heat pump set at a proper thermostat setting for the holidays. I’m honestly happy to pay travel expenses for those who want to visit our property. But if not, we’ll meet up later. That sounds sort of dire however I have been dealing with this situation for a good 20 years & I have had enough with the nonsense. Enjoying your own property on Christmas day is not a sin. It’s just horrible that I had to spend several miserably Heating & Air Conditioning uncomfortable holidays before I was able to see this particular truth.


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