Can’t take a chance on anyone that’s not an HVAC professional

For sure, things are so much more expensive to get repaired these days.

It’s like shocking in so many ways.

I have an old truck that needed four hundred dollars of labor to put in plugs and two oxygen sensors. I was floored. So please forgive me if I look for alternative service folks to do stuff. But I learned pretty quick that you don’t go to a handyman for HVAC service. That’s the domain of the HVAC professional and I learned just why that is. Granted, I wanted the best for my old truck. So I took it somewhere I knew that it would get very professional service and it cost money. The same thing applies for our HVAC equipment. The heating and cooling equipment is a serious investment in HVAC technology. That means when there is something wrong with the heating and cooling, it requires an HVAC professional. I found this out when I called a handyman who does some stuff for us on occasion. The HVAC cooling wasn’t working quite like it should and I wondered if he might help me out with it. I just wanted him to come take a look and maybe recharge the refrigerant. But this guy was quick to point out that he was not at all qualified to diagnose or do any sort of HVAC service. He explained just how much training and continuing education an HVAC technician has to go through to get certified and keep a license. It’s quite impressive really. But it also totally makes sense that something a essential as an HVAC unit should only get the best HVAC service out there.

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