Need to get rid of that fishy smell

My husband is a large seafood lover.

He likes salmon, shrimp and scallops, luckily the people I was with and I have a local guy that gets fresh seafood and sells it out of his truck.

It smells just enjoy the ocean and the seafood is twice the size of what you can get in stores. It is also twice as good quality wise. The only downside to it is the smell. When I make seafood from the truck guy, it makes the whole lake house reek. I have tried to limit the smell to the living room. I run our vent hood, turn off the Heating as well as A/C and open windows. After making seafood I clean the whole living room and burn a candle. It doesn’t seem to matter, the smell lingers in our air quality. I have done some research and there are whole-house air purifiers people use. These devices can install directly in the Heating as well as A/C ducts or be a stationary machine in a single room. They are meant to unconnect smells, dust and dirt from the indoor air quality. I am thinking of starting small with just a single unit in the living room. If it can help the fishy smell, then maybe I will replace to the large boy air purification plan. I love making seafood for our husband. It is clean eating and provides plenty of protein. He looks forward to those meals so much and they are easy to make. I don’t want to give that up just because of the smell. I don’t want to clean our lake house every time I make salmon though. So I am hopeful the whole-house air purifier will be a magical cure for all the gross smells the fish make.
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