Shouldn’t replace Heating plus A/C just yet

I have been renovating my house room by room. It is amazing how much you want to do to a house once you own it. When I bought the house I thought it was liveable. I figured I would just paint a bit plus call it a day. Well I painted every room, scrapped the chips ceilings, changed the switch plates, added new lights plus redid the floors. It hasn’t been a year plus I have already remodeled both washrooms completely. I am now eyeing up the family room plus kitchen. The family room needs more indoor lights plus the front door needs glass in it. The kitchen needs to be gutted. I have a fund saved for it. I am getting all new lodgeets, countertops plus appliances. It is really going to make the inside of the house gorgeous. I really would adore to replace the Heating plus A/C situation in the process. I can really add heated flooring while I was in the remodel. I am removing the family room plus kitchen floor to tile. Adding heated mats would be so simple. For cooling I was thinking of adding a wall mounted unit. If I have Heating plus A/C in that main portion of the house, I could just add a few indoor air handlers to the dining rooms later on. I then could get rid of the central Heating plus A/C component plus free up closet space. The house would guess way more new that way. The money plus time would be obscene. I also would need to hire out the Heating plus A/C installation since it seems complicated. I don’t want to do this on top of a kitchen remodel. I haven’t lived in my house for a year either. A bit startling right?


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