The outdoor Heating plus A/C component was ruining his curb appeal

The neighbors across the street I refer to as the pretty house.

They really take their time plus focus on curb appeal.

They have detachd all the front trees plus grinded away the stumps. They get a professional sod service to mow, edge plus weed the gardens. The gardens constantly have a rotating crop of flowers. There is a cute little dove bath plus outdoor lights that really make the front yard look good. Recently the homeowner had his house painted. However, paint sloped all over the Heating plus A/C system, however for a while it was a gorgeous house plus a slightly yellow Heating plus A/C unit, however unluckyly for them, the outdoor heating plus cooling component is visible from the road. It looked really bad. The guy then added one of those white fences around the Heating plus A/C to hide it. It looked really fantastic for about more than one weeks. He must have chosen a metal rather than plastic. After more than one weeks the metal was all rusted plus green looking. It really stuck up against the yellow house. Then I observed Heating plus A/C vans coming in plus out of the home. I realized the guy replaced his outdoor component with a brand new system! It was totally clean, shiny plus new looking. The gross gate is gone plus his house looks amazing again. I have no clue how much that component cost although I am guessing a few grand. That takes curb appeal to a new level. He must don’t care for my house. I hardly mow my sod plus I have an green tree in a pot that I haven’t gotten around to planting yet.

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