My radiant space heater is more effective than my fan-forced furnace

I always tell my wife and her family to not get me anything for my birthday, but they never listen.

My wife and her family always insist on getting me gifts, many of which are not cheap.

I would never complain, especially when I got a new lawnmower one year from my father-in-law. Even her siblings go out of their way every year to find me amazingly practical presents for my special day. I was particularly appreciative of a coffee mug warmer that I got for my home office. It looks like a large coaster with a cord coming out the back, and the ceramic surface heats up and keeps the coffee in your mug from getting cold while you work. I use this coffee mug warmer every single day, and I can’t imagine going without one now. I just love knowing that my coffee will stay warm even if I opt to drink it slowly. This year I got another amazing gift. My sister-in-law bought me a radiant space heater for both my wife and I to enjoy during the frigid winter weather. We live up north and we get blizzards and ice storms that sometimes leave us stranded in our homes for days at a time. I had always complained about how ineffective and wasteful our fan-forced central furnace is, but we haven’t had the money to get a new heating system for the house. This new radiant space heater is more than sufficient at providing us strong heat on demand for our bedroom while we sleep. If we’re lounging on the couch after work, we can put the space heater out there to keep us warm while we watch TV. I love this new space heater more than any other gift I’ve received from my wife’s family thus far.

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