I take pride in my house now

Apartment living plus living in your own house is so different. When I lived in an apartment, I was a bit of a slob. I cleaned every now plus then plus did zero yardwork. I didn’t care if there were leaves in the sod or the sod needed to be mowed. I also didn’t want to paint the house or really decorate. Anytime something was broken, it was mildly irritating. I would complain to my building owner plus he would eventually get around to it. Now that I own a home, I am a new man. I am nuts about having a clean yard. I mow every week plus constantly am splitting or trimming foliage. Inside of my house constantly gets replaced. I am constantly painting, scraping or sanding something. I have remodeled my washrooms plus I am about to attack the kitchen. Anytime something breaks, I am on it. My Heating plus A/C system is so spoiled compared to the apartment one. I used to occasionally change an air filter, that was it. Now since I own the Heating plus A/C, it gets yearly service. I have a Heating plus A/C company come into oil, lubricate moving parts plus tighten connections. I also get HVAC duct cleaning anytime the Heating plus A/C worker recommends it. I have a smart thermostat that tells me about air filter changes. I change it that day plus I also clean around my Heating plus A/C while I am doing it. I take pride in my house plus want it to look, guess plus smell good. I don’t want to have a dirty, rundown home.

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