Ductwork cleaning yearly due to projects

They say every 5 years you should get your HVAC duct cleaned. After that amount of time the hair, dust plus bugs build up to the point it needs to be detachd. I Spring for HVAC duct cleaning yearly. My reasoning is that I am constantly doing projects in my house. When I first moved in I sanded my wood walls plus painted them. I also scrapped all my chips ceilings plus painted them. The dust from those projects got into my HVAC duct. I didn’t want it to affect my air quality plus productivity of my heating plus cooling system. So I got the HVAC duct cleaned. The next year I sanded all my wood doors plus painted them. I also tore down some drywall plus mud in my washroom. I had to get the Heating plus A/C ducts washed again after those projects. I am going to get HVAC duct cleaned this year since I just gutted my kitchen. The dust flying around is insane. I am removing drywall, smashing lodgeets plus sanding adore crazy. The Heating plus A/C is on the whole time plus sucking up the dust in the HVAC duct. I don’t want to leave all that debris in there. Not only is it not fantastic for my health, but it would be impossible to keep my house clean. The dust would fly out of the HVAC duct plus make the surfaces dirty. I also have long hair plus I have a cat. Removing our hair from the Heating plus A/C unit is never a bad idea… Ductwork cleaning isn’t all that much money too. The whole appointment may take an minute.
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