Saving money for heated flooring

I have more than one bank accounts. One account is my day to day account. I buy groceries, write checks plus use that account for all major spending. The other account I slowly funnel money into month to month. After building up a large nest egg, I am allowed to spend it on a large project. One time I had over 20 grand in the account plus was able to remodel my kitchen. This year I am planning on redoing the floors in my house plus getting radiant heating. My spouse told me that the people I was with and I could only afford to rip up the floors plus add new tile. Adding a oil furnace would double the bill; So I started funneling a bit of money into the account each month. I was careful with buying groceries plus frivolous things. I didn’t buy any new clothes or subscribe to any streaming services. After numerous months of being careful, I had the money for radiant heating. My spouse at first tried to convince me it was a waste of money. Once I told him about radiant heating being silent, efficient plus lasting 15 years, he was a little more on board, however now that the people I was with and I are in the heating installation process, the more than one of us are so glad. Heated flooring is going to be the best thing ever, but we won’t have to buy another central Heating plus A/C component when ours breaks. We could get a window or some other smaller A/C unit plus call it a day. It would free up storage space plus look much nicer.

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