Turns out I adore the heat pump

It is so efficient in how it provides temperature control.

I lived our whole life up north & then moved down south a year ago. Everything is bizarre in the south. The people speak odd & act way different. The food is different, the pace & the weather conditions. I was used to winters that get to -20 degrees. I also never got overheated in the summer. My childhood lake home doesn’t even have a cooling system. I never owned an air conditioning until this year, and when I obtained our southern lake home I was excited by the gas fireplace & weirded out by the central air conditioning. I figured that the cooling idea would hardly get used. Well it is the opposite in the south. The fireplace is definitely just a decorative feature. I found out the cooling idea is really a heat pump. The idea can heat & cool all in one unit. The cooling function is what I use 90% of the time too. The summers are in the 90s for just about everything. The fall season is in the 72s. Wintertide is the only time I don’t run the air conditioning but most afternoons I don’t need the furnace. I had never encountered a heat pump idea before even though I love it. It is so efficient in how it provides temperature control. It takes up hardly any space in the home & requires absolutely little maintenance. Next time I have the Heating & A/C contractor over to our home I will have him detach our gas fireplace. Northerners would be cringing at such a move. I don’t need that kind of heating power though.

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