Window Heating & A/C was a nice move

For a whole year I put off getting Heating & A/C in our outdoor shed, but i used the space to work out & I was greedy about square footage. I didn’t want a portable Heating & A/C kneeling on the floor & taking up space; Everyone I told that to suggested a window heating & cooling unit. I thought it would look ugly. I thought it would affect getting a fresh breeze. I also thought I would be always taking it in & out of the window, after doing a whole year I knew I needed some form of temperature control. In the Summer it was horrible dealing with 90 degree heat separate from any air conditioning. In the Wintertide I struggled separate from a heater, and my muscles either were tired or stiff depending on the weather. I invested in a space furnace & a box fan, but that didn’t definitely help. At the start of this year I broke down & obtained a window Heating & A/C device, but oh our goodness, I can’t know I put it off this long; Having heating & cooling is a game changer. I just make sure to start up the unit an minute before I work out, but then I enter our shed in perfect temperature control. The shed isn’t too big, so the temperature is consistently perfect. It truthfully doesn’t look that terrible in the window. I realized that with perfect Heating & A/C settings, I don’t need to open the window for a breeze. The weather in our area is either absolutely overheated or warm. I never want to take the unit out of its window either. It stays there & will give quality Heating & A/C year around. It also wasn’t as much money as I originally planned on.


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