Radiant flooring for my cat

I love owning a cat.

I am a single woman that owns her own home. I don’t have any kids and I work from home. The only thing I have to do is baby my cat. My cat is super duper spoiled too. He has multiple scratch posts and an elaborate cat tree. He gets 12 treats dolled out throughout the day. He has special cat litter, food and purified water. If my cat makes an unhappy noise, he is going to the vet. I recently updated my HVAC equipment due to my poor kitty. My cat hated the sound of my HVAC system clicking on and off. He didn’t like walking in the hallway and feeling the air blow out. I wasn’t a fan of the HVAC either and it was pretty old. So yeah, I replaced my HVAC because my cat didn’t like it. The floors needed to be redone anyway, that is what I have been telling myself. I got all new carpet but before I laid them down, electric heated mats were put down. I now have radiant heating throughout my whole house. My cat flipping loves the heated floors. He now only lays on the heated carpet rather than the couch or recliner. Sometimes he will go on his cat bed but it feels heated because of the contact with the floors. The heating system is totally silent and clean since it is electric based. No air is being blown to scare my cat or ruin the indoor air quality. The heat stays at the lower level and saves me money too. Both of us are very happy with my purchase.

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