Replacing windows to lower energy bills

I noticed recently that my energy bills were super high.

It was like the HVAC was running at double the cost.

I got a HVAC contractor over to look at my unit and he said all was well. I even urged him to check out my ductwork for cracks. Nope, it looked fine. I then started hunting around my house. Was it the doors? The baseboards? Turns out the culprit was my windows. My home had the original windows in it from when it was built. My husband and I couldn’t open a window to save our lives. They were slightly rusty and ugly looking. I didn’t think much of them until the high energy bills. Over time a window becomes less airtight and allows the heating and cooling to travel outside. It made sense to replace all the windows in the house. It was a hefty project. I called numerous window companies and then hired the cheapest one. I had to get 14 windows in my house done. The cost was obscene but the new windows look great. I now can clean and open the windows much easier. After they were installed, the HVAC abills were lower than they ever were. It makes a huge difference now that the home is air tight. What is nice is that I have the option of giving my HVAC a break too. Certain days I turn off the HVAC and just open up my windows for a fresh breeze. I love that I get cleaner, more natural air doing this. It was worth every penny investing in the windows.


a/c professional