Air conditioner failure led to high indoor humidity

Andrew was thrilled the project was almost over at work, she had been working several late days and felt weary.

She’d asked her boss for time off after finalizing it, and she agreed… Andrew had been instrumental in the whole project going smoothly and deserved the rewards; then on the last afternoon, she left work at various o’clock and headed home.

All Andrew wanted to do was get into bed and sleep. She’d left the cooling system on that afternoon and knew the home would be cool. However, that was not the case when she opened her front door. Andrew was greeted with a burst of warm air, which was surprising. She went to check the cooling system method and noted it was still working. However, the A/C unit wasn’t blowing ample cool air into the house, causing the summertime heat to fill the space. On top of that, the home was uncomfortable and humid. Andrew knew first hand how problematic humidity was in such a house… So she had to find a solution for the faulty heating plus A/C system. She contemplated phoning an A/C repair lady that late at night however knew it would cost her extra; instead, she chose to go to bed and contact the aircon repair repair the next afternoon. The only issue was the high humidity would affect the interior of her home. High humidity levels were responsible for peeling paint and wallpaper. Additionally, this would result in the growth of mold and mildew, which was not great at all. The mold and mildew spores would spread into the home and affect its indoor air quality. With these thoughts in mind, Andrew vowed to contact the A/C worker first thing in the afternoon and have the heating plus A/C method working effectively.


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