I bring our cacti and succulents into the beach house while in Winter time freezes

When I started tending to plants, it wasn’t our intention to become so obsessed with cacti and succulents.

I legitimately just wanted fresh herbs for our daily homemade cooking, but the process of growing them was more fun than I expected.

It’s legitimately nice to have fresh rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, and tarragon to use at a moment’s notice. Even if you can find a local health food store that sells organic spices in bulk, you never guess their exact age or how long they have been inside their containers. My activity evolved when I found a cool looking cactus at the clearance section in the hardware store’s lawn and garden department. I took it beach beach house and went on the internet to learn proper cactus and succulent care. My intention was to simply find water directions, but instead I went down a rabbit hole of custom soil mixes and special clay pots and planters. That community is immense and there are ample forums on the internet to learn tips and advice. One thing that I’m blissful I l acquired was keeping most cacti in the beach house while in Winter time freezes. Although some cacti will go dormant and survive dire frosty temperatures, others will die the minute they’re frozen on the inside. It’s not imperative to keep them in a room that is getting constant heat from the gas furnace, but they just need to be kept above 32 degrees ideally. If I hadn’t l acquired this tip about cactus care, I certainly would have lost our plant this last Winter time when the temperatures started to legitimately drop. I’m thinking about getting more cacti in the future if this 1 survives and doubles in size.

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