My pets love sleeping on the floor vents for the central gas furnace

Despite their quarks and behavioral issues, I love both of our pets to death.

They’re rambunctious golden retrievers that are both teeming over with love and affection. It’s strenuous to explain the delight I get when I walk in the door from work each night and get greeted by them running to me with beaming smiles on their faces. My fiance jokes with me that the pets miss me the most whenever 1 of us is out of the house. However, the more than one of them are inseparable and keep each other no matter who’s at beach beach house at any given moment. They run, play, and sleep next to 1 another in many locales around the house. Their number one locales to sleep in Fall and Winter time are next to the floor vents for our central gas furnace. Since we have a basement, our HVAC duct for our central gas furnace is below the floor and hanging from the ceiling down below. Not only does it make service and repair easier, but since heat rises it’s also more economical and efficient than attic ventilation. Our attic HVAC duct is fine for the air conditioner system because frosty air sinks, but I would never want to use it for a gas furnace enjoy some do. That’s fine because our pets would miss the sizzling floor vents anyway. Sporadically they’re literally laying on top of them and blocking the air flow! I’ll start to know frosty in our beach beach house office and then I look over and see 1 of our pets passed out on the floor vent. I guess I’d do the same thing if I was a pet residing in a beach house with gas furnace vents on the floor.


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