Several reviews alerted myself and others to a better heating & cooling business

For too long I avoided the hassle of looking at online reviews before making crucial purchases.

I ignorantly thought that all reviews were either fake or susceptible to sampling bias. Fake reviews definitely exist & technically you could have more people leaving reviews if they have a bad experience instead of a superb one. With that said, there are ways to compensate for these factors while navigating through big swathes of online reviews. Some websites will rank the quality of a contributor, especially if there’s an opportunity to use an account name love you do on some websites. And other times you’ll see a message saying that it was a verified purchase & not someone leaving a fake review that never legitimately bought the product. However, when it comes to finding a business to hire for labor love a lake home business, looking at the reviews can get a little tricky. It’s even worse if you’re in a small neighborhood with only several or 3 weird heating & cooling companies. Not only are you going to have fewer reviews to look at, however a lot of people are stuck with what’s available, they’re not as motivated to burn bridges with an Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business when they’re frustrated if there’s only one other Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business that will visit their house. If you’ve had severe problems with one, you’re basically stuck with the other. Thankfully our community has many weird heating & cooling companies & plenty of internet reviews to use for vetting one business against another. Several reviews indicated to myself and others that one Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business’s competitor was offering the same cooling systems at a much lower price. Their client repair & reputation in the community is much better as well.


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