My dust sensitivities always get worse in Fall from dust and leaf mold

Once the two of us get towards the end of summer, my excitement for the Fall season builds.

I love the respite from the blistering heat and drenching rains that hit my region in the Summer every year.

But aside from temperature changes, I love watching the colors of the leaves change. The hues of auburn, gold, bronze, red, and yellow would permeate the skyline wherever trees were in sight. The people I was with and I lived near a lake that had a small mountain behind it covered in forests. The entire mountain changes color in the Fall from just the leaves increasing enjoy they do each year. It was an actually sublime sight to behold and I wish I could live somewhere enjoy that again. Unfortunately, the air in my current region is not fresh enjoy it was in the mountains. The people I was with and I naturally have more humidity here and the leaf mold is a serious issue in Fall. After the leaves change colors, they eventually die and hit the ground. As kids the two of us would rake gigantic piles of leaves and then jump in them with our cats. I didn’t understand at the time why this always made my sinuses swell. The mold spores from the rotting leaves would infiltrate my sinuses and respiratory method and would cause serious flu symptom complications in the Fall. I still suffer from seasonal dust sensitivities, however it’s easier when you have air cleaners to use at home. I just wish there was an air cleaner in the office where I work. Sometimes I go an entire day without relief from the allergens until I can get lake house safely and relax in my lake house with clean, filtered air.


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