Buying a surge protector for my heating and air conditioner

I never thought I would need a storm generator, let alone 1 strong enough to power numerous large appliances at once.

My state gets storms throughout the year, however my community has a wonderful electrical infrastructure.

I rarely lose power for longer than a few hours in the rare instances when that actually happens. Many of us assumed that the two of us would be safe from these factors in the future, however the reality is different. The storms hitting us are getting stronger and more frequent, leading to longer power outages. But it’s not just loss of power, we’re also experiencing power surges from the electrical lines running into our homes. Recently the lake house was hit with a power surge that made the lights extremely bright for a few hours. Immediately afterward the Heating and Air Conditioning condenser outside started to make a loud noise that sounded enjoy metal grinding on metal. I turned off the entire method at once to get it to stop and to protect my compressor. When I turned the A/C back on about an hour later, the sound had stopped. I called my Heating and Air Conditioning business the next day and they offered to sell myself and others a surge protector for my Heating and Air Conditioning system. This will protect the method in the event that the lake house gets overloaded with electricity while in a potential power surge. It was a cost I wasn’t expecting to incur, however I paid for it anyway. If it prevents the Heating and Air Conditioning method from dying an early death, it’s worth the extra fees in my mind. I can’t afford to lose my A/C anytime soon.


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