It's straight-forward to forget Heating and Air Conditioning filter changes if you do not make phone alerts

I assume so stupid for inadvertently missing my dentist’s appointment yesterday. It was busy weeks ago however I had been anticipating it for afternoons. I have to visit my dentist twice a year or he won’t issue any additional refills on my multiple biweekly medications. That’s why these visits are so substantial for myself and others and others in my situation. Despite thinking about the appointment each day leading up to the busy date, I stupidly forgot to put it in my phone’s calendar and notification system. If I had done that, I would have received a phone alert reminding myself and others of the appointment hours beforehand, and again at the exact time on the schedule. Now I’m going to be a lot better about all of my appointments, especially going as far as putting them all into my phone so I can get alerts to remind me. It’s not just appointments though, I’m also going to make alerts for oil changes in my car, watering cycles for my outdoor plants, and filter changes for my central Heating and Air Conditioning system. I have let my air conditioner filter go for weeks at a time because I forgot to replace it. If I create alerts in my phone to remind myself and others of my air conditioner filter changes, I can ensure that my air quality stays wonderful while my A/C isn’t forced to toil harder than it normally would. Since I get my Heating and Air Conditioning filters in bulk off the internet, I don’t have to also remember getting them from the store each time 1 needs to be replaced. I just grab a new A/C filter from my supply closet and I’m ready to go.