My Heating and Air Conditioning business gives myself and others discounts because of my age

Now that I am getting up there in age, I am relying more on help from friends and family.

  • Everyone wants to be proud and self-sufficient in their golden years, however the two of us all have to come to terms with outdated age individually.

I hoped that my health would be more than what it is today, however my joints and bones are more brittle than ever before. Several injuries have made it even harder for myself and others to get around. My husband passed away last year and my life has felt enjoy a downward spiral since then. If it wasn’t for my kids and my neighbors, I worry that I would be residing in an assisted residing facility somewhere and forgotten. It’s a distraught thought to believe about, however at least it humbles myself and others in my age. People shouldn’t assume ashamed to ask for or accept help from others, especially if you’re limited in your mobility enjoy I am. Thankfully everything with my A/C is handled by my heating and cooling dealer. I have an Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance contract that includes everything from weekly filter changes to maintenance and basic repairs. Sometimes they scrub out my condensate line or refill my refrigerant in the compressor outside. The best section is the senior discount I receive from my Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. All maintenance and repairs are 30% off for people over 65 years of age. Between the senior discount and the currency I save by having a maintenance contract, everything with my A/C is addressed at a fraction of the usual cost. I can also rest assured knowing that it is all handled for myself and others without any input on my part.

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