Several reviews alerted me to a better heating and cooling supplier

For too long I avoided the hassle of looking at online reviews before making important purchases.

I ignorantly thought that all reviews were either fake or susceptible to sampling bias.

Fake reviews certainly exist and technically you could have more people leaving reviews if they have a bad experience instead of a good one. With that said, there are ways to compensate for these factors while navigating through large swathes of online reviews. Some websites will rank the quality of a contributor, especially if there’s an option to use an account name like you do on some websites. And other times you’ll see a message saying that it was a verified purchase and not someone leaving a fake review that never actually purchased the product. However, when it comes to finding a company to hire for work like a home contractor, looking at the reviews can get a little tricky. It’s even worse if you’re in a small town with only two or three different heating and cooling companies. Not only are you going to have fewer reviews to look at, but a lot of people are stuck with what’s available. They’re not as motivated to burn bridges with an HVAC supplier when they’re frustrated if there’s only one other HVAC supplier that will visit their house. If you’ve had serious problems with one, you’re basically stuck with the other. Thankfully my community has six different heating and cooling companies and plenty of internet reviews to use for vetting one company against another. Several reviews indicated to me that one HVAC company’s competitor was offering the same air conditioners at a much lower price. Their customer service and reputation in the community is much better as well.



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