I am sleeping with an extra blanket because my wife likes it cold in the house

My wife and I connected right away because of our shared interests and hobbies.

We’re avid readers and both love authors like Hemingway, Faulkner, and Elliot.

We also grew up watching the same TV shows on Nickelodeon and the same movies from thrillers to comedies. On top of that, we both started taking guitar lessons at the age of 13 and ended up meeting at a jam night at a local jazz club. Right after meeting, talking, and playing together for the first time, we scheduled a formal jam session at my house that slowly morphed into a first date. Since then, I have been absolutely smitten with her, and I knew right away that I wanted to marry her. Despite all of our shared interests and hobbies, we’re not completely alike. We tend to prefer different food and different temperatures inside the house. For whatever reason, my wife gets really hot while she sleeps and needs the air conditioner running high. I’m the opposite despite being 100 pounds heavier than her. I get extremely cold and start to shiver if the temperature indoors drops below 72 degrees. As a way to settle any conflict before it snowballs, I told her that I would sleep with an extra blanket on my side of the bed. That seemed like the easiest solution, because I can’t expect my wife to do the opposite and sleep naked in just a bed sheet. Since I started using an extra blanket, we’re both sleeping better and also avoiding arguments that arise from our previous sleeping problems. We’re happier than ever before with our heating and cooling solution.

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