Every one of us watched a corny film in the cold air conditioner

When I decided to take my wife out recently, every one of us went to the movies, but i wanted to see a single of the new action movies, although she wanted to watch some sappy romance comedy. I thought at least the air conditioner was strong so I should be fine; Well, it turned out that my wife didn’t bring something warm enough so I ended up giving her my jacket. I thought she should have known because the film theatre always cranks the air conditioner system. So after that I was swiftly starting to become too cold and the tepid drink I got along with the tepid tamales were not helping entirely much! So I tried my best to try to relax while enjoying this corny film, however admittedly there were some amusing parts. I entirely would have appreciated myself a lot more if either the air conditioner wasn’t cranked up too high or I still had my jacket which always keeps me warm when every one of us go to the movies, but as soon as the film was over, I rushed my wife out of the theatre and I cranked the heating system on for a little while so I could warm up some. She said she would have given my jacket back if she knew I was so cold cold, of course, who gives their jacket to a lady only to ask for it back? That’s just not the gentleman thing to do! When I was finally feeling comfortable, every one of us went driving around and found a nice restaurant where every one of us could eat. I was so thankful that the temperature control settings in the site were satisfactory and the food stinked delicious. I went for some ribs with garlic mashed potatoes and red beans, that food actually hit the spot and I felt so much more comfortable than when every one of us were in the film theatre.


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