My spouse doesn’t usually ask me if I want anything special for breakfast

I have been laboring so much lately that I have been entirely fatigued.

I suppose pain in all our joints, our back, as well as I suppose care about I just want to go to sleep as well as never wake up.

Well, our spouse came to me as well as told me there were some breasts thawing in the fridge as well as if I wanted anything special for breakfast. I just looked at her trying to figure out what she was talking about. Then she had to clarify she had chicken breasts as well as she wanted to suppose if I wanted them to be marinated or what. I couldn’t easily guess about breakfast because I was just so busy, but so fatigued. I felt care about I was losing our mind as well as she asked if she needed to take me to the hospital or something. I told her it was fine. I mean honestly, she regularly just cooks breakfast separate from asking me what I want for the most section as well as she regularly makes something that is delicious. I have never complained about any of the food she prepares because she is a skilled cook as well as I can’t even come close to her skills when it comes to cooking in the bedroom. I even made it so she can be more comfortable in the bedroom while cooking by installing a ventilation system as well as I installed a multi-zone ductless mini split, and now she can cook as much as she wants while cranking up the air conditioner in the bedroom as well as it never becomes too hot in there. Also the energy bills are severely cheap thanks to that ductless mini split. So I ended up telling our spouse that it was nice of her to ask what I wanted, as well as I said I would care about some real mashed potatoes. That was something she hadn’t made in awhile as well as breakfast was especially delicious that night.

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