I have never experienced so much comfort during the cold season

We live in a place where the temperatures don’t usually get too freezing during the winter season. As a matter of fact, we didn’t even have a whole home heating system because we have depended on our fireplace over the years. Well, I was starting to grow tired of splitting wood all the time for the fireplace, and I thought it would be nice to just have a whole home heating system. So I ended up reaching out to the HVAC company to see what we could go for. A nice HVAC professional came out for a free consultation. My wife and I were there discussing the different options. When the guy started talking about radiant heated floors, my wife’s eyes lit up. This was one of the more expensive HVAC installations. I wasn’t exactly trying to go for something expensive, I just wanted to be comfortable in my house without having to use the fireplace all the time. I mean, I do enjoy the fireplace, it’s just so much work to keep on top of the firewood. I said we should probably just get an electric fireplace and maybe that would work. The HVAC professional said that was definitely an option and we could even convert our fireplace to a gas one if we wished. My wife still liked the idea of the radiant heated floors, and I definitely wanted her to be happy. That’s why I told the guy we wanted to proceed with the radiant heated flooring installation. I honestly am glad we went for that because I have never experienced so much comfort during the cold season!

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