I didn’t rush to get into an HVAC service plan because I’m weary of contracts

Honestly though, things have been going very smoothly with this.

I’ve always been hesitant about getting into contracts of any sort. There is always some kind of fine print or something that is just not fair with a lot of contracts. I also don’t like having to be stuck in a contract if there is something that I don’t like going on. Well, I have been using the same HVAC professionals to work on my HVAC equipment for numerous years now. They always ask me if I would like to enroll into their HVAC service plan, but I always tell them that I will have to think about it. The last HVAC professional who came out told me I had plenty of time to consider everything, and he asked me what was there to lose. He explained how I would save a large amount of money and everything could be more convenient for me. Well, I didn’t like being pressured all the time to get into an HVAC service plan, but he wasn’t wrong about what he was saying. I finally decided to sign up for the HVAC service plan even though I was worried that I would end up regretting it. Honestly though, things have been going very smoothly with this. I think it’s good because I didn’t rush into a contract and I was able to get to know the HVAC professionals over time. I have been working with these guys for so long that I know them all by name. I even had a few of them hang out at my place to watch football, that’s how friendly these guys are. So far, I actually really enjoy the HVAC service plan and I don’t think I will hesitate to renew my contract after the first year, assuming that nothing upsetting happens!

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