The smallest speck of dust can ruin the belt

The two of us have a whole home dehumidifier that helps us attain the proper humidity levels inside of our beach home.

The humidity levels can absolutely affect our breathing as well as the quality of the indoor air.

My family in addition to myself are only happy when we have the dehumidifier running all summer long. Humidity levels help balance the way the air feels and lower humidity levels means the air feels cooler. When it is more humid inside of the house, the air feels heavier and warmer. My family as well as myself bought a dehumidifier last summer and it seemed to work very well. At the beginning of this summer, the whole house dehumidifier did not seem to be as efficient. We checked the filters which did not seem to be congested with sediment. The smallest amount of sediment can actually ruin the dehumidifier. After we checked all of the small troubleshooting areas, it became necessary to contact the company that installed the whole house air filtration system. That dehumidifier wasn’t the only problem as well as we found out there were some major electric problems that needed to be diagnosed and fixed. Since the dehumidifier was only 1 year old, all of the problems fell under the warranty as well as the two of us did not have to pay for any of the complications. We were certainly happy that the dehumidifier was still under warranty as well as capable of being fixed. We didn’t understand that the smallest Speck of dust can ruin the entire machine as well as cause these big problems.

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