I never feel warm enough during winter

The two of us have noticed that it takes quite a long time for the house to get warm during the winter season.

In fact, the two of us never really feel warm enough during these cold winter months.

Years ago, this wasn’t a problem when we first had the heat pump installed. The warm air seemed to flow out of the air vent and our home immediately got warm. Now that the heat pump is almost 10 years old, the two of us have noticed it takes longer as well as longer to reach the desired temperature on the thermostat. For the last month, the two of us have been dealing with cold and frigid indoor temperatures. I talked to a co-worker who gave me the name of a trusted heating as well as AC contractor. I contacted the heating as well as AC contractor and they came over to speak with me about the problems with the heat pump. It was losing maximum efficiency due to the fact that it was nearly a decade in age. The heat pump was no longer efficient as it was a 14 Seer system and everything these days was closer to an 18 Seer system. Today’s heat pumps are much more efficient as well as they take less time to heat the house. The heating as well as AC contractor gave us some design ideas on how to efficiently heat our home and told us that it was likely not a good idea to get another heat pump. He suggested a couple of ductless heaters instead due to the unique layout of our home.
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