We learn something new all the time

The two of us learned something new as well as interesting last weekend.

  • It is the summer season and I panicked when the heat pump was not working properly to cool the house.

It was strange for the instance to happen during a warm weather season, but the air conditioner actually had ice crystals on the system. The two of us immediately contacted the heating as well as AC company. They have really sent a specialist to deal with the heat pump problem as well and that person arrived 30 minutes later. Everything was fine, but the biggest issue was the fact that we had the AC thermostat set at 65 degrees even though experts recommend not putting the thermostat any lower than 72. It was extremely hot outside and we were trying to combat the heat by making the air conditioner work a lot longer. The two of us didn’t realize this was an absolute problem during summer time. The specialist told us why the problem was happening and gave us some ways to keep the problem from occurring again in the future. We didn’t realize all the damage we could cause to the AC by setting the temperature so low and now that we do understand these dangers, we won’t make the same mistake again. Every one of us learned something new all of the time as well as the two of us absolutely learned something about the maintenance for our heat pump as well as AC system on that day. It was very informative to speak with the professional.


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