How can ice form in the heat

A heat pump is a unique type of machine.

  • When it fails to work properly, there is definitely a problem.

Last summer, every one of us had an issue with the heat pump in our home. Every one of us panicked when we found ice all over the coils inside of the machine. This is the type of problem that may be expected during the months of January and February, but it was unusual for ice to form on the coils when it was 95 degrees outside. Every one of us was stressed out and did not understand why there were so many problems. We panicked in addition to deciding to call an expert from the heating, ventilation and AC company. It didn’t take many hours at all for the technician to give us a diagnosis. The temperature on our thermostat was entirely too low. The expert heating, ventilation and AC advocate advised us to never turn the unit lower than 70° during the summer. The ice on the evaporator coils was absolutely due to turning the temperature thermostat down very low. The natural freezing weather was causing lots of ice to form and this can even happen during summer. Several other causes can lie to these instances, but there are more reasons that it may not be a big deal. Lots of things can be repaired by heating, ventilation and AC technicians. Whenever you can run the AC without restricted airflow, you will always have a machine that will run for better and even more efficiently.


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