Ductless Mini Split System On Patio

During the Summer months when my teenagers are at apartment instead of at university, both of us spend a lot of time hosting other teenagers because both of us have a swimming pool.

I would say that there is someone new at our apartment at least once per week in addition to I love it.

My teenagers stay entertained in addition to other parents love having time to relax, then last weekend though, my daughter was invited to a birthday celebration at a new friend’s apartment in addition to parents were encouraged to stay in addition to hang out. I decided to take her in addition to I was blown away by the outdoor section beside her new friend’s pool. There was a pressing inground pool with a warm tub attached to the side in addition to a large entertaining patio right off the back of the house. While I was kneeling under the covered patio, I could believe cool air coming down. I looked up in addition to saw a few fans, however I didn’t guess the cool air was coming from them! Fans tend to push lukewarm air around, however I was really feeling cool air. I asked the host where the cool air was coming from in addition to she pointed to a pale white unit mounted above the table, but she told me that it was a ductless mini chop system. Like the name implied, it didn’t connect to the central HVAC duct, in addition to it used electricity to push cool air out. She had a small remote that controlled the settings, which made it straight-forward to change the temperature. I was blown away by the simplicity of the ductless mini chop system in addition to how effective it was at cooling the outdoor space!