I Picked a Bad AC Unit

For the past 2 years, the HVAC company has told me that I’ll need to replace my AC system soon. It was constantly needing repairs and I was spending a lot on my monthly utility bills, but I wasn’t ready to spend money on a brand new AC system. The AC system was still cooling my house, so I didn’t feel the pressure to replace it right away. A few weeks ago though, I had my biannual HVAC tuneup and the HVAC professional told me the same thing about having the AC unit replaced. At this point, I was getting tired of paying for my monthly utility expenses and all the repairs needed to keep the AC running. I began researching various AC units and when I found one that I liked, I told the HVAC company that I wanted to purchase it and have it installed. The HVAC company took one look at the AC unit I selected and told me that they wouldn’t install it. When I asked why not, they told me it was because the AC unit I had selected was unreliable and cheap. The HVAC company was so accustomed to homeowners complaining about this particular AC unit that they stopped installing them completely. I was disappointed to hear this because I’d spent so long trying to find a good AC unit. However, I was really glad that the HVAC company told me about the quality of the AC unit I’d selected and I didn’t have to experience issues because of it.

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