I Wanted To Be Proactive

Last week, my AC unit was really struggling to cool my entire house. The kitchen was hotter than the living room and my daughter’s bedroom felt really cool. It felt like all the cool air was getting pushed into select rooms, while other rooms weren’t getting cool air at all. I changed the air filter and cleaned the outside condenser unit with hopes that it would fix something, but it didn’t help. This is when I realized that I’d need to hire an HVAC professional to come service the AC unit. When I called the local HVAC company about getting an HVAC professional to come repair the AC unit, they told me that it would take several days to get it looked at. Apparently, everyone else in the area was having issues with their AC units due to the summer heat. I had no choice but to wait and pray that my AC unit wouldn’t break down any further. On the day of my HVAC appointment, I called the HVAC company early in the morning to communicate about the issue I was having. I didn’t want the HVAC professional to show up empty handed or need to order anything. I wanted him to come prepared to fix the issue and I wasn’t going to let him leave without getting my AC system back in working order. The receptionist on the phone was friendly and she wrote a note in the system about the AC unit in detail. Thankfully, when the HVAC professional arrived, he had all the tools and equipment needed to repair my AC unit.

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