I Found a User Friendly Smart Thermostat For Parents

When I installed a smart thermostat in my home, I fell in love with the features and how it transformed my HVAC system.

I raved about it to my parents and while they were intrigued, they were also hesitant to get one themselves because it appeared complicated.

Neither my mom or dad knew how to use their cell phone easily, so the thought of accessing their temperature settings through their phones was daunting. I tried to explain everything to them, but I think I was making things more confusing for them. It wasn’t until I talked to my HVAC professional where I learned all about other smart thermostats and how they could benefit my aging parents. While the HVAC professional was at my house servicing my AC system for the summer, I asked him how I could explain the smart thermostat in simple terms to my parents. What he told me took me completely off guard. He told me that I was trying to push the wrong smart thermostat on my parents. The one I had was very advanced and all digital. He suggested that I try a more traditional looking smart thermostat that had all the benefits of a smart thermostat, but was simpler to use. I’d never thought of this before. When the HVAC professional suggested this, I spent a few hours researching a user-friendly smart thermostat that would benefit my parents the most. Once I did this, my parents were very happy and thrilled to install a new thermostat that they could use with ease.

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