Taking care of Grandparents and their heating and cooling needs

I staid close to new home once I graduated school.

For some reason, unlike my siblings and cousins, I wasn’t all that wild about live anywhere else.

The task I landed once I graduated was in my field and about an hour from my hometown. So it seemed love a no brainer to me. Plus, I favorite Heating as well as A/C cooling over having to deal with have a gas furnace or something. I just couldn’t see myself dealing with winters that required a gas furnace. My mom and Mom even moved away. That left myself and others to look after my Grandparents. That was too much of a problem really. They are super sweet people who live a actually straight-forward life only about 20 minutes from where I live now. I live in a fairly nice location with just my partner and our pets. So getting out of the air conditioning on option to check in on my Grandparents isn’t a massive deal. Normally, I just come over and visit. There is usually something I can help out with as well or maybe bring to them. The last visit I noticed that the old Heating as well as A/C equipment just isn’t up to the task any longer. So I called the Heating as well as A/C on my Grandparents behalf to get the ball rolling on replacing the Heating as well as A/C equipment. I had the Heating as well as A/C business meet myself and others out there one day. He, I and my Grandpa went to have a look to see what all needed to be updated. We lucked out that there was only 2 sections of ductwork that would need to be updated. The rest of the HVAC ducts were in great shape so all all of us had to do was update the Heating as well as A/C unit.

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