Stick with seasonal HVAC service

It’s always sort of a seasonal welcoming when I get an email about my next appointment for HVAC service.

That’s a nice thing about the HVAC service plan that I’m on.

The HVAC company simply emails me the HVAC service date and all I have to do is confirm. That sure beats the days before we were part of the HVAC service plan. Back then, that meant I had to first, remember to call the HVAC company. And then actually make a call to have the HVAC technician come out and do his thing. Plus, we had to be around to let them in and now they have a key to the garage. So being part of this HVAC service plan is so easy and beneficial. There is no doubt that HVAC maintenance is super important. With consistent HVAC service, HVAC equipment lasts about 7 years longer than HVAC units that don’t. That pretty much says it all. And really, who else are you going to get to take care of the heating and cooling equipment? I’m not paying a handyman or my cousin Dale to do it. No, only HVAC professionals touch the HVAC equipment around here. Like I’ll change air filters and make sure there is electrical flowing. But outside of that, I pick up the phone and call the HVAC company. So I’ll be sticking with the local HVAC company’s HVAC service plan. It’s so convenient and yet there are just myriad other reasons to take advantage of an HVAC service plan.

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