Keep the HVAC service and repairs with good HVAC company

I remember my dad telling me once that a good mechanic was better to find than a good doctor.

  • I think that says a lot considering my dad was a doctor.

Still, he was on to something there because there’s some real truth in that statement. Like I wondered if it’s better to have a trusted handyman handle and air conditioning situation or go to the HVAC professional. This dawned on me when a buddy of mine decided to have an HVAC repair done by a guy he knew. The guy he knew was to have had some heating and cooling experience. To what degree or where, my buddy just didn’t really want to find out. That’s because the price was right for the handyman option. And I get that. I’m often blinded by the opportunity not to have to fork over a chunk of my money as well. However, in this instance, I think you got go with the seasoned HVAC professional. For one, they are so well trained. The amount of initial and continuing education an HVAC technician has to go through is remarkable. To stay a certified, licensed HVAC professional takes work outside of just doing the HVAC equipment work. Then there is the quality of that work. An HVAC technician has an HVAC company behind him who is guaranteeing that work. Not so much with the handyman. So I’ll have to go with the HVAC professional on this one. That’s not to say that a trusted handyman is not worth his weight in gold.



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