Get healthier with help from the HVAC

It’s hard to believe what a difference a small HVAC upgrade made in our house and in our lives.

What’s also weird is the fact that we waited this long to do something about the indoor air quality of our home.

But sometimes it takes a while for thing to happen in your life. For us, whole home air purification has changed thing so much for the better. Once the HVAC technician placed the whole home air purification unit inside the HVAC air handler, it didn’t take long to smell and feel the difference. I say smell because the indoor air of our home just smelled bad. I don’t like to admit it but it’s true. We live in a region where the HVAC unit is on much of the time so opening the doors and windows for fresh air just isn’t practical. On top of that, we seal up our house so tight in order to ensure we are getting the maximum efficiency from our heating and cooling equipment. So years and years of cooking odors, pet odors and a variety of other odors all sort of stacked on atop the other. And the HVAC unit just sort of recycled those odors as well. Plus, both my wife and I seemed to always be fighting some sort of respiratory ailment. It wasn’t extreme but there were always colds that wouldn’t quite go away. With our new whole home air purification system, our indoor air smells great and all those ailments have vanished. My wife and I take big, deep breaths and smile at each other all the time now.
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