HVAC professionals are the only ones for the job

I tend to pay a lot more attention to working at the office than I do to the stuff that needs to be done around the house.

And since we have a pretty big place with lots of needs, I just leave it to a great handyman we have.

I barely have time to change the HVAC air filter much less take on the other projects that have to be tended to in order to keep the place up. We count ourselves very lucky to have the guy we do. Not only is he seemingly knowledgeable about everything, he’s a really nice guy as well. And we can trust him because he’s the sort of guy you can hang out with in the air conditioning when the day is done and enjoy a beer. So it really caught me off guard the first time he told me no. It was when I asked him to have a look at the air conditioner to see why it wasn’t blowing as much HVAC cooling comfort as it normally does. He simply stated that he was not the man for the job and he wouldn’t do it. Then, he went on to explain the reasons HVAC technicians are HVAC professionals. The amount of training and certification they go through is a bit staggering. I had no idea it took what it does in order to be an HVAC professional. The HVAC company did the HVAC service on the HVAC unit but that was on an HVAC service plan. So all I had to do was confirm online for HVAC service appointments and the HVAC company takes care of the rest.


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