My husband gives out free air filters each summer

Each summer, my husband gives out free air filters to people in our community.

He is genuinely a good guy, & that’s a single of the reasons that I ended up being attracted to him & marrying him in the first locale.

He’s genuinely just a person who loves people & his community & he is consistently looking for ways to supply back & to help all of the people who live around us. I prefer that about him & it’s genuinely nice for him to be able to do that too. He says that it makes him cheerful to believe that his HVAC supplier is doing things to make a difference in our little town. Whenever things were closing down because of the pandemic last year, he & his HVAC service team went around checking people’s HVAC systems & installing whole-house air purifiers for free throughout the first several weeks of the shutdowns. The local paper even did a story on how his HVAC supplier was doing a lot to help the community during that disturbing & unparticular time. I was genuinely afraid that doing all of that might hurt his HVAC company & therefore, our livelihood. However, after everything finally blew over earlier this year, both of us realized that the HVAC supplier was getting more company than ever before. I believe the fact is that the people in the community remember who cared about them during that time & they are eager to support him now. He’s busier doing heating & cooling replacements & service than he was prior to the pandemic.

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