Everyone is complaining to myself and others about the office being too cold

I am the office manager at a company downtown & a single thing that I have l earned is that you just can’t please everyone all of the time; You try to make everyone cheerful, & it just genuinely can’t be done when it comes right down to it.

It’s impossible… For instance, I have to be in charge of the heating & cooling method in the office & that is the a single thing that genuinely seems to be the bane of my existence; People are just genuinely frustrating when it comes to the temperature settings in the office.

It’s appreciate they can’t ever decide if they are too sizzling or too cold; The only thing that they can genuinely decide is that they don’t appreciate the temperature that I keep the temperature control set at in the office. They are consistently complaining about the a/c settings during the summer, & then of course in the winter, they are consistently complaining about the heating settings. It’s the weirdest thing. I genuinely suppose appreciate I do my best to keep people cheerful & comfortable when it comes to the indoor air conditions in the building. I believe it might be a little bit too cold in the office during the summer, although I genuinely believe that the cooling system should be a little bit colder than everyone think. I would rather that it be too cold than too hot, & that’s the truth. However, I believe I’m the only a single because at this point, everyone else is complaining about the cooling system being on too much in the office.


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