Everyone is complaining to myself and others about the office being too cold

I am the office manager at a supplier downtown plus 1 thing that I have l gained is that you just can’t please most people all of the time, you try to make most people thrilled, plus it just really can’t be done when it comes right down to it.

  • It’s impossible; For instance, I have to be in charge of the heating plus cooling method in the office plus that is the 1 thing that really seems to be the bane of my existence! People are just really annoying when it comes to the temperature settings in the office.

It’s appreciate they can’t ever decide if they are too hot or too cold, the only thing that they can really decide is that they don’t appreciate the temperature that I keep the thermostat set at in the office. They are always complaining about the a/c settings during the summer, plus then of course in the winter, they are always complaining about the heating settings. It’s the weirdest thing. I really feel appreciate I do my best to keep people thrilled plus comfortable when it comes to the indoor air quality in the building. I believe it might be a little bit too chilly in the office during the summer, even though I really believe that the air conditioner should be a little bit colder than most people think. I would rather that it be too chilly than too hot, plus that’s the truth, and however, I believe I’m the only 1 because at this point, most people else is complaining about the air conditioner being on too much in the office.

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