All of us are letting our Dad transfer in with us

All of us are letting our Dad transfer in with us in a week plus I’m pretty upset about the air conditioner situation.

See, our Dad is a single of those people who is completely silly when it comes to the air conditioner while in the summer. She refuses to live without having the air conditioner turned down to below freezing all the time when the temperature outside is anywhere about around 74 degrees. It’s prefer she thinks that she’s going to melt or something if the air conditioner isn’t going full blast inside of the house. I suppose for a fact that the cooling bills in our mom’s home are ridiculously high while in the summer, because our uncle is the a single who pays the bills for our Dad plus she has shown me her budget before. So I’m upset that our Dad is going to come to transfer in at our home plus she’s going to expect me to do the same thing with our central air conditioner that she does with hers. She keeps it turned down so low that I believe prefer half the time, you can almost see your breath when you walk into her house. I’m just not going to do that at our house, that’s for sure, our air conditioner bills are all freezing enough as it is. There’s no way I am going to keep the air conditioner turned so low that the two of us are all freezing every evening. I hope that she isn’t expecting that, because that could make this transfer undoubtedly uncomfortable for all of us.

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