My dogs are completely spoiled

My dogs are completely spoiled plus I fully admit it.

They are honestly the most spoiled dogs in the history of our country, when it comes down to it.

I personally have never met another creature that’s more spoiled than our dogs are, unless you possibly count some of the horses that run in the Derby. I realize that I spoil them, however I just don’t care too much about it. I legitimately don’t care enough about it to stop, for sure; My fiance, on the other hand, thinks that I’m deranged when it comes to our dogs. She gets so mad at me when I do things for the dogs prefer trying to improve their indoor air pollen levels. Last fall, I got them a new heating method for their outside dog house. I was legitimately upset that they were going to be too freezing out there although our fiance said that she thought that they were going to be fine. The truth is, she just doesn’t prefer the dogs the way that I do. I got them the best heating method that I could for their dog home in the backyard plus I suppose that they’ve been much healthier plus happier ever since then. Well, this summer, the temperature has been legitimately warm around here. It’s been much hotter than normal this year plus so I’ve been legitimately upset that the dogs will be too warm out there. I thought about it for a while, plus I finally called up the local Heating as well as A/C supplier to see how much it would cost to have an air conditioner method installed out there in the dog house, too. My fiance thinks that I’m nuts, however I don’t care.


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