We went over to our neighbors’ for dinner

I thought that maybe it was broken or something

We went over to our neighbors’ house for dinner last week and it was just awful. It wasn’t that the company or the food was awful, though. I really like our neighbors and apparently, they are really good cooks, too. The chicken caciattore that they made for dinner was really good and so was the chocolate eclair cake. The only problem was that the cake nearly melted before they served it to us because the temperature in the house had to be close to 80 degrees. I like the summer weather just as much as anyone else does, but I’m also a really big fan of central air conditioning when the temperature outside is anywhere over about 70 degrees or so. It was so stuffy inside of our neighbors’ house that it was actually hard to breathe. They had the windows open, but the indoor air quality in the house left a whole lot to be desired. I couldn’t believe that they weren’t uncomfortable, especially since they were running around setting the table and serving us and cooling in the kitchen. I was shocked that they didn’t have the air conditioning turned on, but they didn’t even mention it once. I thought that maybe it was broken or something. If that were the case, we would have gladly carried all the food over to our house next door! I would have much rather done that than sit there in their terribly hot house. Maybe next time, we will have them over to our place and we will have the A/C on full blast.

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