My sister is having a big outdoor party next month

My sister is having a big outdoor party next month to celebrate my nephew’s graduation. She’s been planning it all for a while now, and I know that she is really hoping that it will be a huge celebration that’s a lot of fun for everyone who comes. We all had a really rough year last year and we missed so many family parties and celebrations that she’s really trying to make sure that this one goes off without a hitch. She is even thinking about renting a big tent for the backyard in case it rains or something. I told her that if she wants to get a big tent, then she should also look into renting a couple of those portable air conditioning systems that you can set up inside. Having great indoor air quality is really important to most people when they find out that a party is going to be outside in a portable tent! No one wants to be stuck inside of a big plastic petri dish without air conditioning during the middle of the summer when the temperatures are so hot and humid. She told me that she thought I had a point, and so now she’s calling around to different rental places in town to find the best deal that she can get on portable air conditioners. She said that she might even call the local HVAC company to see how much it would cost to buy one. It might be worth it to have one in the family so that we can pass it around for all of our outdoor summer parties from now on.



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