I think that bad luck comes in threes

I think that bad luck seems to always come in threes.

I know that that sounds a little bit crazy, but that is what I was always taught back when I was growing up down in the southern part of the country.

A lot of people down there are very superstitious, and my family were always some of the worst. A lot of those superstitions really rubbed off on me and they have influenced me to this day. With me having weeks like I had last week, I can’t help but believe that at least some of these superstitions are true. Last week, everything that could go wrong with my heating and air conditioning system did go wrong! It was literally one thing after another during a week that kept heating up the longer that it went along. Seriously, the temperatures started heating up on Monday and by the time Friday rolled around, the temperature outside was in the high nineties. During the week, one thing after another went wrong with my central air conditioning system. At first, the thermostat tore up. I finally got that fixed with my dad’s help, but then right after that started working correctly, the A/C unit itself started clanking around down in the basement. When it kicked on, air started blowing out through the air vents but it wasn’t really cooling down the house at all. Come to find out, the whole A/C system had to be overhauled. I am up to my ears in HVAC repair bills and I’m scared that another thing is going to go wrong!


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